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Black C Curl Lash Up Clusters 12mm


These popular C curls hit all the sweet spots between drama and lift.
Lash Up Custom Lash Extensions is a breakthrough system that gives you easy, safe and fast lash extensions from the comfort of your own home.

• 12mm, our medium length
• Popular C Curl
• Black for a full impact lash 
• Made with 100% Korean PBT Silk
• Wear safely for up to 10 days
• Vegan and cruelty free
• Recyclable packaging
• Includes 20 clusters

Use with Bond, Seal & Extend. (Available separately). Alternatively choose our Lash Essentials Kit. a must-have collection of products to get started with at-home lashes.

Also available in 10mm and 14mm Black C Curl. 

  • Completely remove makeup and any prior Lash Up sets. Start with clean, bare lashes
  • Brush on a light coat of Bond, a little goes a long way!
  • Gently apply the clusters one by one underneath the base of your natural lashes, with the band slightly away from the waterline for optimal comfort and durability
  • Take the applicator to clamp down the clusters with your natural lashes to fuse everything together
  • Swipe on a little Seal to eliminate any tackiness and to add high-impact, fresh salon finish
  • To get up to 10 days wear out of Lash Up, apply a thin line of Extend under the Clusters to reinforce and prolong your Custom Lash Extensions
  • Apply more throughout your wear as needed for retention. Ready for a new set?
  • Shake well before use
  • Pour remover onto a cotton pad and place over eyes; hold for at least 10 seconds
  • Gently wipe away to remove


Can you wear Lash Up with contact lenses?

Yes you can! Lash Up has a safe formula with no harsh chemicals.

Are Lash Up water-resistant? 

Lash Up is water-resistant.

I can’t wear traditional eyelash extensions. Can I use Lash Up?   

Yes! The Bond and Seal are gentle enough to be worn on the natural lashes. There are no fumes or burning like you may find in traditional eyelash extensions.

Can I apply the Clusters over mascara and eye makeup?

It is not recommended to use this product with mascara. For best results, the product should be applied to a clean natural lash.

How long do they last?

Using Extend, you can safely wear Lash Up for up to 10 days.